Moving to April Sound

Whether you are buying, building, or renting a home in April Sound, you’ll probably need a realtor to help you. The general public cannot access April Sound without first getting clearance at the Security Gate. Most Realtors will be happy to assist you and can clear your entrance into the community. Realtors are also up to date on questions commonly asked such as: What are the Country Club requirements and fees? How much is the POA maintenance fee? Can I park a boat in my driveway? What is the minimum size home can I build? Here are a few Realtors who all live in April Sound and can answer all of your questions.


Once you’ve signed a lease or closed on your new home purchase, you will need to go to the POA to register your property (most title companies will have already done this for you) and to register your cars. You will need to get a decal put on the windshield of all of your cars. If Security personnel are busy they will come by your home later to put the decals on your cars. You may also want to get a “smart card” that will open the gate arm automatically when you approach it. Be careful not to go too fast…wait for the gate arm to fully raise before going through.


If you have a boat, you can inquire at the POA about a slip rental. There is usually a waiting list and only property owners can get one.


If you haven’t already done so, you will want to visit the Country Club. You can ask for a tour or just go to the front desk and ask about your membership id cards. Usually these are mailed out to you after closing (if the Title Company has contacted them and sent them the appropriate funds collected at closing).


Another thing everyone will want to know right away is when is trashed picked up. Every Monday and Friday Bailey’s Trash Service picks up your bagged (maximum 4 bags per pick up) or trash in cans (up to 2/pick up). Heavy trash is picked up on the first Wednesday of every month.


Here is a list of Helpful Numbers .