Lake Conroe

Started January , 1970 – completed January 1973


October 31, 1973

Normal Pool:
Elevation 201.00 feet above mean sea level

Surface Area:
22,000 acres (5,000 acres in Sam Houston National Forest)

430,260 acre feet (140,200,651,000 gallons)

Average Depth:
20.5 feet

100,000 acre feet per year (90 million gallons per day)

Water Use:
San Jacinto River Authority – one third for industrialand irrigation; two thirds City of Houston

Water Releases:
Floodwater – by raising gates (5 gates 40′ wide). Water for downstream – through service outlet structure using one or two of three gates at different elevations.

Average annual – 48 inches (71 million gallons per day). Summer (115 million gallons per day). Winter (30 million gallons per day). Maximum (180 million gallons per day).

Pollution Control:
Texas Water Commission – controls discharges from sewage treatment plants. San Jacinto River Authority – inspects and licenses on-site sewage facilities (septic tanks) within 2,075 feet of the lake.

Flowage Easement:
Elevation 201 to elevation 207.

Permits Required:
All construction on the reservoir.

Fish Stocked:
Texas Parks and Wildlife – Bass, Hybrid Bass, Crappie. LCMA restock Bass & Crappie.